An average guinea pig cage should be like this:

Cage Size Standards

  1. of Pigs




in grids

in grids
1 7.5 sq ft more is better 30" x 36" 2x3 grids 27" x 41"
2 7.5 sq ft 10.5 sq feet 30" x 50" 2x4 grids 27" x 56"
3 10.5 sq ft 13 sq feet 30" x 62" 2x5 grids 27" x 71"
4 13 sq ft more is better 30" x 76" 2x6 grids 27" x 84"

I give credit for this table to

The walls of the cage should be made out of grids. The base should be made out of Coroplast, and it should be on the ground. It can be lined with blankets.

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