You can make a healthy salad for your Guinea Pig using Fruits, Vegetables, and Hay!I like to give mine Lettuce, Apples, Carrots, [Sometimes]Hay, and Red Peppers.


1.Get a Red Pepper, Two Carrots [Or more depending on how many Guinea Pigs you have.], some Lettuce, Hay [Optional], and a Apple.

2.Cut up the Red Pepper into little pieces so your Guinea Pig can digest it.Keep in mind that it may be hard for them to bite into it at first.

3.Cut up the Apple and [Optional] Carrot into little pieces.

4.Get the lettuce and put it with the salad.

5.[Optional] Get some Hay and put it into the salad.

6.Put the Salad into something your Guinea Pigs can eat it out of.

7.Tell your little furballs," Bon Apetite!"

Side Note: Your Guinea Pigs may seem a little Jumpy after you feed it to them.It's nothing bad.

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