Fuzzy and Wuzzy are Guinea Pigs I got at Petco November 2012.They are both a couple months old since I've hade them [They are actually older but I don't know how old because I adopted them.].They are both Girls.


Fuzzy and Wuzzy are both Long-Haired Guinea Pigs.Fuzzy has a darker shade of Orange hair that goes over her eyes.Wuzzy has the lighter Orange shade of hair and the hair at her eyes is pulled up.


Fuzzy and Wuzzy

Favorite Things To DoEdit

  • Bite Things.
    • Especially My Dad's Finger.
  • Eat Hay.
    • Or anything, really.
  • Squeal really loud.
  • Keep me up all night
  • Make me give them food and then they don't eat it.
  • Chew on My Jacket.


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